a short walk to space LP

by Warren Gray

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Sad type album full of contemplation


released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Warren Gray London, Ontario

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Music Industry Arts
@ Fanshawe College

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Track Name: calm down before continuing
calm down baby calm down (x420)
Track Name: oh brother
(Curious phone call)
oh brother, won't you let me in
oh brother, why did i strangle him?
nn i know i know i know I'm no fool, it was all metaphorical
nn i won't wait up for the sun to rise, or the moon to glow

nn we could never be the same again, I've tried but you're ignoring me
these kids waking up, like the hopeless ones living hopeless lives

oh brother, i have lived but you keep telling me to die
you won't you won't, ask of me, to take your eyes away

please say, you're ignoring me
say, i've tried a thousand times
nn you are you are, my brother
till the end of time.
till the end of time.
Track Name: the old stone man.666
an old stone(d) man picks from the garden above my street and i have told him a thousand times to take me away from here but the old stone(d) man won't listen, no..

The old time, old timer with grey skin and no shadow waits for me around every corner, i can't get away, and the world knows he wants me(it).

here i am you have found me
nn i won't run i been waiting for this, so
take me away, take me away(in), take me in

this old stone(d) man watches me and i cannOt tell u why
Track Name: justin trudeau hates sports.wav
(J Trudeau being a G-code pimp)

nn i was waiting, on the sidelines
not playing, cuz i got too high

nn you're smoking, all those cheap cigs
i was hoping, that we'd both quit

take me back, to a time (fuck), when we were young
and open minded

Track Name: on the cloud / off the cloud (beneath the cloud)
(random bullshit)

I never really, knew your story
but I'm glad, i got to know you
or merely see you walk by

nn i know you know,
we both felt it
deep inside of you

nn i thought,
that i was the only one
but i guess not, cuz here we are

there's a cloud above my head,
i can feel it,
nn i know, you know, you can see it too
this cloud aint breakin up any time soon

nn i want, you to know,
i am over, the hills (with you)

nn i know, we won't be the same again
nothing changes, quite like you and I

Theres a cloud above my head, wontchu
take it.
take it away from me

Track Name: you don't have to listen to this rlly
Track Name: b3 k1nd
BE KIND, to those around you
SURVIVE, in this storm for days
NN I, have my arms around your shoulder
NN YOU, are PUULLIN me closer

come with me
breathe me in
you're smoking it
getting high

so come with me
breathe it all in
you're smoking it
GETTIn high
Track Name: i can't fall asleep.wav
(If i dream it will it come true)

wash my hair, in your kitchen sink
i've been here a thousand times
came to you when you needed me
nn i never, been back again
nn i never, never returned

i was just a hopeless boy
growing up, in this hopeless town

*angrily* I thought we'd both knew who'd win
a gun, a knife, and what you said
nn i won't make it out alive
because you're pulling me in

(If you dream it, it has to come true)
Track Name: take me, save me, escape w/me, stay w/me
nn i, have died
nn no, i won't go
you said to me, oh brother take your eyes away
nn i will bleed, oh i will bleed
nn take me away

take me x 420
save me x 420??
escape with me x 420?!?!
stay with me x 420?!?!!?!
Track Name: dive right in
nn you, were lost
follow me, into the dark
seventeen such a peculiar time
drunk words followed by, your mothers cries

so dive, dive right in
you tried to swim, but ended up drownin


Dive, dive right in
you tried to swim, but ended up drownin
nn I, could never dream like this

(i don't know where I'm going with this... you can't really think about what you say because when you think about what you say, you end up confusing yourself, and betraying yourself and not trusting yourself and you can't do any thing about it. addiction is a terrible thing, addiction is fucked up, you know? it really just swallows you whole, swaaaalloows you whoooole.)

So dive, dive right in
so dive, dive right in

(i've spent a majority of my life, just thinking of ways i could talk to you or get closer, nn its pretty funny the way we talk now, i kind of like it, but

this music speaks to me in a way i can't describe, its a way that courses through my blood, its a way that i can't speak it, not in words, its just something i can't hold back myself, you know?

this music speaks to me
and i really love it
and i really don't want to go